Change Management Effectiveness - Online Sample Report


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Features of the online version

• Measures 7 core change management competencies through 84 items, with either self or 360 degree feedback.
• Each behavioural item in the assessment is a positive change management behaviour.
• Worded in simple, understandable and behavioural terms allowing any participant, regardless of education or English language proficiency, to understand and provide accurate ratings.
• The report itself is broken into six smaller reports.  Reports begin with summary competency scores and drill down to behavioural specifics including change management tips for development and course and reading suggestions.
• In the online format, there is no limit to the number of raters who can be invited to provide feedback.

Introduction to The Change Management Effectiveness Profile

One of the key competencies required of all people in all sorts of different situations today is the ability to anticipate and respond effectively to any change that comes along. This skill is needed even more in today's fast-paced and competitive work environment, where it is expected that we demonstrate some 'change agent' skills. These skills enable us to lead ourselves, individuals, groups and ultimately, entire organisations in implementing actions that enable vision to be successfully transformed into reality.

The nature of change has many forms. Sometimes change is highly personal, related to a significant shift in circumstances and perspective about people or things. At other times, change is initiated by an organisation. Change may be small-scale, affecting individuals or pieces of the organisation, or it may be large-scale, impacting the organisation in its entirety. Change that is evolutionary and incremental is called ORGANIC change. Change that is dramatic and transformational is called STEP-CHANGE. Whatever form it takes, change needs to be managed. This assessment is designed to help in that process.

The Change Management Effectiveness Profile is a self-scoring assessment, designed to help individuals understand more about their skills relative to this critical area. This 84 item behavioural assessment collects self or 360-degree feedback on change management competencies that include proactive thinking, organizing for change, involving others, visualising the future, communicating clearly, breaking from the past and consolidating new learning.