Alaskan Adventure Facilitator Set


Category: Simulations
Code: 226G

Provides background information on the objectives of Alaskan Adventure, guidelines for effective group functioning, and a full explanation of the expert's rationale and scoring.

The resources provide a safe means of experiencing adventure situations that challenge participants to think and work as a team. The products demonstrate the importance of group process in achieving team effectiveness and help to build synergy within work teams. They offer the participants an opportunity to observe team dynamics in a non-threatening environment providing insights for team development.

Adventure simulations present participants with believable dilemmas—ones in which they can easily picture themselves. The activities ask the participants to individually solve the problem and then repeat the problem-solving process as a group using consensus decision-making techniques. The activities demonstrate that effective teams frequently produce better results than individuals alone.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Simulation
TIME REQUIRED 1 to 1½ hours
AUTHOR Richard L. Hill

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