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Understand what self-worth is and how it is developed. Identify your current self-worth levels in five critical areas. Learn about strategies to continuously increase your level of confidence and self-worth. ALSO ONLINE*.

Increase Confidence and Motivation

We all have various levels of self-worth. In the past, discussion about a person's self-worth was taboo or certainly not encouraged. The Self-Worth Inventory (SWI) is a simple yet powerful process to help measure your levels of self-worth in specific areas of your life. The SWI does not create self-worth; it confirms what is already true.

What is the Self-Worth Inventory?

It is a professionally developed, self-administered, and self-scoring learning and communication instrument that provides participants with self-worth scores for five different categories;

• Self

• Family

• Peers

• Projected Self

• Work

Levels of self-worth highly influence the results accomplished every single day. This self-awareness and educational tool will assist in gaining a deeper understanding of the perception of personal self-worth and enable your clients to plan for increased confidence and assurance.

Why Use the SWI?

To reduce the impact that events could have on an individual's self-worth levels. This can be achieved if he or

she understands the situation and has specific approaches for maintaining and increasing self-worth levels. Many organisations and individuals use the Self-Worth Inventory on a regular and planned basis. We recommend completing the SWI every 1 to 2 years to track and benchmark self-worth levels. It also can assist your organisation to establish the impact of significant changes or interventions.

Use the SWI to:

* Improve Quality of Life

* Create Self-Confidence

* Build Trust in Yourself and Your Clients

Use it for:

* Employees

* Prospective Partners

* Clients

The best thing you can do for your clients and employees is help them build their self-worth. The benefits are far-reaching and long-lasting.

ONLINE VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE (See Related Products below)

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FORMAT Instrument, also available online
OBJECTIVE To assess Self-worth
AUTHOR Everett T. Robinson, M.A. and Ken Keis, MBA