Resolving Conflict Pocketbook

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A pocketful of tips and techniques to identify and understand the different causes of conflict – between individuals and within teams – and how to reach a positive resolution

The 112-page Resolving Conflict Pocketbook explains what conflict is, how to recognise signs of conflict, how people react to it, how to develop strategies for dealing with it, how to resolve difficulties and how to deal with bullying and harassment. Causes of conflict are numerous and varied. The list includes distorted thinking (e.g. over-generalisations), playing games (we've all played them!) and, of course, the male-female divide. In looking at conflict within the context of personality, Eggert draws on the seminal work of Myers Briggs. To resolve conflict, the book describes a process that identifies where you are in the conflict cycle, what to expect next and what you should be working towards. Conflict and third party intervention (mediation and arbitration) is another area dealt with, as is team conflict and conflict between different departments and operational functions.

Resolving Conflict Pocketbook Contents

• What is conflict

• Ways of resolving conflict

• Conflict and psychological difficulties

• Games and conflict resolution

• Negotiation

• Personality types and conflict

• Conflict resolution process

• Conflict and third party interventions

• Team conflict

• Bullying and harassment.

Illustrated by Phil Hailstone.

About the authors

Max A. Eggert is a management psychologist specialising in assisting individuals reach their maximum potential. Besides being retained by major international corporations as coach, mentor and strategist, he has been interviewed frequently on TV, radio and in the print media both in Australia and in Europe.

Wendy Falzon is an HR professional working in the areas of interpersonal development and maximisation of talent for both individuals and organisations. Her expertise includes career development, coaching, conflict resolution and team integration. Wendy is married, lives in rural New South Wales, is an accomplished singer and has a consuming passion for tennis.

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AUTHOR Max A. Eggert, Wendy Falzon