Personal Style

This selection of products includes inventories, assessments, workshops and other resources designed to identify different personal styles and how participants can self-manage in order achieve the most effective impact. Each product has its own comprehensive Facilitator Guide.

These resources will help your participants ’look in the mirror’, then develop the skills and style flexibility needed to be more effective as a leader, a manager, an influencer and a team member.

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Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator

Identify your inherent entrepreneurial strengths and difficulties. Compare your character traits to those of other successful entrepreneurs. Learn specific ways to enhance entrepreneurial effectiveness and success. ALSO ONLINE*.


Influencing Strategies & Styles Profile

This 52-page self-scoring instrument includes comprehensive interpretative notes to help participants understand their scores and develop influencing strategies by demonstrating how appropriate style matches provide better results.


Influence Styles Inventory Questionnaire

This easy-to-score instrument assesses three communication styles that people use to influence others: Passive, Assertive and Aggressive.


Just My Type: The Personality Game

An alternative to standard inventories and questionnaires, Just My Type is a fun, revealing card game based on Jung’s theory of personality types.
£539.00 excl VAT

Playing with Style Complete Game

Collection of card games for employee and management development training. Game play ranges from one-player solitaire to large group activities, and most games can be played in less than 30 minutes. Improves the knowledge of personality style and interpersonal skills. A supplement to the HRDQ Style Series.
£352.00 excl VAT

StylePlay - 3rd Edition Game Kit

These quick, energising games reinforce learning and build awareness in a fun, nonthreatening manner. Trains 8 - 12 participants. For additional players order an Extra Card Deck.
£352.00 excl VAT

Influencing Style Clock

Easy-to-use 16-page self-scoring assessment provides a quick and easy ‘mirror’ that will help increase self-awareness and identify how to influence others successfully. ALSO ONLINE*.


Personality Style at Work Hardcover Book

Whether you read this book from cover to cover or tap into specific chapters when you need answers, this book is guaranteed to quickly become your go-to resource and the first step to making improvements to your professional career, both present and future.


Personality Style for Dummies

Introduces the concept of personality style and how it affects many aspects of organisational life, including communication, team-building, and leadership

Personal Style Assessment Short Version

This instrument is designed to give you insight into your style in dealing with others and in learning new things,


Personal Style Assessment Jung-Parry Form

A 16-item assessment based on four behaviour patterns or 'psychological types' identified by Carl Jung. Illustrates each of these benefits and indicates how you can take advantage of each of them.


PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument

An ideal introduction to Personal Behavioural Style