Leadership Skills Inventory Online Self-Assessment Credit


Category: Online Assessments
Code: 4006-EA

Online Assessment Option:Order One Per Participant.

This credit registers you for one individual use of the Leadership Skills Inventory Online Self-Assessment to a participant of your choice. You'll need to purchase one credit per participant.

You will receive the assessment link/info via a separate email.

Developing Real Transformational Leadership

Leaders are made, not born. You know that effective and successful leadership is not an accident and requires specific and measurable skills. The head of every successful organisation consistently tones and maintains his leadership muscle. The 20-page Leadership Skills Inventory (LSI-S) provides leaders with the necessary metrics to identify and develop their transformational leadership skills.

Use the Self and Others versions of the Leadership Skills Inventory together for a 360° view of the leader’s skills. The information these tools provide will enhance the development of truly effective, motivating leaders.

Use the Leadership Skills Inventory to:

  • Increase a Leader’s impact
  • Measure and strengthen their skills
  • Increase productivity and teamwork
  • Develop the art of leadership.

The LSI assesses the following skills areas:

  • Self-Management
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Coaches and Problem-Management
  • Consulting and Team Development
  • Organisational Development.

Using this instrument, you can:

  • Establish your agreement to the 12 Transforming Leadership Principles
  • Evaluate your proficiency level in any of the 60 Transforming Leadership Skills
  • Assess your level of functioning in each of the five skills sections, and
  • Determine your overall level of Leadership competency.

What to order: You will need 1 Paper or Online Self Assessment per participant. For maximum benefit, purchase 1 Facilitator Guide per trainer and to gain feedback purchase the Online Other or 360 online.

Through the LSI–S, you can become more confident, better equipped, and more effective with a wider range of individuals, teams, and organisations.

Use it to support your leaders in their journey to become inspiring, motivating transformational leaders. The LSI–S was not designed to assess your ability in technical or operational managerial areas. The LSI–S will help you gain insight and formulate a solid leadership-development plan in 50 to 60 minutes. As you proceed through the pages of this tool, you will see strengths you can maximise and identify areas that need to be worked on.

Are you always certain that your actions produce the desired results in your team?

The Leadership Skills Inventory—Others (LSI-O) allows leaders to measure how their skills are perceived by their team and colleagues. Coaches use this assessment with their clients to excel at leading their clients. HR professionals use it to determine what training would benefit middle managers and supervisors.

The inventory is based on research in applied behavioural science and leadership effectiveness. The LSI-O contains five sections of leadership skills. Each section builds on the previous section of skills.

The Five Sections

  1. Self-management (Mastery) Skills for Self-control and development
  2. Interpersonal Communication Skills for Building Positive Relationships
  3. Coaching, Counseling, and Problem-management Skills to Maximise the Performance and Potential of Others
  4. Consulting Skills for Developing Teams and Organisations
  5. Versatility and Organisational Development Skills to Optimise Organisational Effectiveness.

Use the LSI-O to:

  • Measure a Leader’s impact with others
  • Create a leadership training plan
  • Increase productivity and teamwork
  • Increase credibility of the Leader.

Use it for:

  • The Leader
  • Prospective Partners/Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches/Trainers
  • Managers/Supervisors