After Covid – Managing in the New Workplace

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Team Effectiveness Profile

Fast track teams to success

Whilst some teams may fall perfectly together either instantly or over time, some do not, or they may just need some help to be the best they can sooner rather than later. The Team Effectiveness Profile assists team members and the whole group to identify possible blockages or issues and offers ways to deal with them.

An excellent and proven tool that has consistently provided positive results for over 30 years!

From £21.50 excl VAT

Black Bear

Consistently our most popular team building simulation!

On an early-morning hike in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains, your group stops to enjoy some blueberries growing along the trail. Just when someone spots a small black bear cub, the mother bear lunges from the bushes and attacks — with near-fatal results.

Can you work as a team to save an injured person’s life – addressing five strategy options and ranking 10 backpack items? The simulation deals with group decision making under pressure and the value of teamwork.

Black Bear is the ideal training tool for any group that works in a high-pressure environment. Inspired by a real life six-month hike of the Appalachian Trail, this survival adventure incorporates expert information from many books on the Smokies, wilderness survival, and backcountry rescue,

From £21.50 excl VAT

Working Through Organisational Change

Work with people in your organisation to support them to continue to perform well whilst the organisation continues to change. This new range of conversation cards encourages people in organisations to have better quality conversations about the things that impact organisational performance.

Building Productive Relationships at Work

Ideal for: Business Leaders, Operational Managers, Team Leaders, HR Business Partners, People Development Specialists, Leaders in Learning Situations - workshops, coaching, self-coaching