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Simple and Accurate Self-Assessed Personal Style

You get accuracy and ease of use when using the new 16+Personal Style Profile. You also get an understanding of how behaviour may shift significantly when under stress. The comprehensive facilitator guide provides full supporting materials to devliver a punchy and powerful session. 

The 16+Personal Style Profile uses carefully constructed and easy to answer questions to help the user create a 4-dimension graph. This output links to the 16 personal styles described in the Profile. Additionally, the 16+Personal Style Profile provides insights into how stress impacts on an individual’s style through the use of an ‘interpreting factor’. This makes the analysis even more helpful and useful either in managing stress reactions or in developing personal coping processes to prevent reactive, stressed behaviours. 16+Personal is based on the work of Carl Jung, an early pioneer in the field of what is now known as the ‘Personality Trait’ theory of psychology, with modern enhancements to ensure it applies to today’s business needs. Jung identified four ‘functions’ that people adopt in dealing with both the ‘inner’ (i.e. inner thoughts) and ‘outer’ (i.e. things, people etc.) worlds. Extended through the work of Myers-Briggs, we have added to the traditional Jungian dimensions an “interpreting factor” of the impact that stress has on a person’s style. People react differently under stress, and 16+Personal uses this fact to make style analysis even more accurate and even more useful. All the advantages of a simple assessment plus all the advantages of a detailed and individual analysis.

Style shifting under stress

People react differently under stress and 16+Personal Style Profile uses this factor to make style analysis even more accurate and useful. ALl the advantages of a simple assessment plus all the advantages of a detailed and induividual analysis.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Self-scoring questionnaire
OBJECTIVE Self-assessed Personal Style
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 75 minutes
AUTHOR Resource Wizard