16+Negotiation Style Profile Facilitator Guide


Category: Assessments
Code: 5006FG

A learning instrument designed to help assess ways in which respondents deal with various negotiations with other people in a work context. Includes sample copy of Participant Activity and downloadable PowerPoint presentation.

Developing Successful Negotiation Style

• Accurate and easy-to-use self-scoring assessment

• Identifies negotiation style preferences and flexibility

• Predicts how negotiating behaviour shifts under stress

• Comprehensive de-briefing material included

• Full support from the Facilitator Guide.

Now packaged in a handy folder for ease of use and storage.

If negotiating is easy, why do you need to provide training?

As you know, everyone has a view about how to negotiate successfully. After all, it's a process that's an essential part of daily life. It's just that some people negotiate successfully and for others the process is a disaster!


You need to help your participants understand some fundamental issues. The first is that the negotiating process is usually stressful, even for experienced (and successful) negotiators. Secondly, stress can cause dramatic shifts in negotiating behaviour, and the carefully crafted negotiating strategy crumbles…

The 16+Negotiation Style Solution

Each of the 16 styles have a full-page description, including a section on stress impacts and for personal comments and insights. In addition, each Profile provides your participant with 6 pages of personal improvement and action-planning. It also predicts potential negotiating outcomes, using the Styles Guides for diagnostic purposes. The profile includes unique ‘interpreting’ factors that illustrate:

• how stress impacts on a particular negotiating style

• ‘hot buttons’ that can destroy a negotiating strategy.

Part of the Resource Wizard '16+Style' integrated series of learning instruments, intended to help respondents achieve increased success at and enjoyment from, their work.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Self-scoring questionnaire
OBJECTIVE Develop Negotiation Style
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 75 minutes
AUTHOR Resource Wizard