Terrorist Incident Facilitator Set

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Category: Simulations
Code: 5008FG
Facilitators Guide with CD-ROM containing Briefing Slides in 3 formats and copy of Participant workbook

Alan Hunt and Neil Whitham have provided comprehensive support material in the 20-page Terrorist Incident Facilitator Guide. This contains:

• Introduction to Terrorist Incident (preparation and timings)

• Setting the scene—using the “briefing” slides

(in PowerPoint™ and Adobe Acrobat™ formats). Includes a script for the facilitator.

• Expert ranking and rationale

• Scoring and de-briefing the exercise

• Improving the quality of team discussions (input and handout)

• A sample copy of the Terrorist Incident Participant Workbook.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Simulation
OBJECTIVE To Learn about group process and decision-making
AUDIENCE All organisation members
AUTHOR Resource Wizard