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Dialogi–Coaching Tool

An interactive learning tool for building practical coaching and mentoring skills. This is the ideal toolkit for Coaches, Mentors, Managers, Trainers and Teachers!
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Question Your Way To Great Results

Dialogi is an interactive learning tool for building practical coaching and mentoring skills.

What is Dialogi?

• Dialogi is an adaptable, easy-to-use unique learning tool that may be used in any situation that requires dialogue to achieve results

• Dialogi's interactive format ensures genuine engagement from everyone involved

• Dialogi's visually attractive design guarantees immediate impact

• Dialogi uses a 'hands-on' approach, but is underpinned by sound theoretical models.

What does Dialogi consist of?

• A coloured circular board, divided into segments and a moveable pointer

• Five sets of question cards to correspond with each segment

• Spare blank cards for users to create their own questions

• Two Coachee Action Plan booklets

• Guidelines for users.

What can Dialogi do for my business?

• Sustain a coaching culture throughout your business

• Get better results from your meetings

• Use your one-to-one sessions to really improve performance

• Recognise and manage the talent in your business

• Improve your client relationships by getting a true understanding of their needs.

How may Dialogi be used?

• Training individuals to develop their workplace coach/mentoring skills

• One-to-one coach/mentoring sessions

• Performance reviews and appraisals

• Supporting critical thinking, problem solving and “blue sky” thinking activities.

Products specifications
Format Board Game
Objective To build practical coaching and mentoring skills
Audience Groups and teams at all organisational levels
Author The Learning Consultancy
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