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Drive home the importance of individual behaviour to the success of an overall change effort with Leading Change at Every Level. Designed for individuals at all levels, this 30-item learning instrument is an excellent way to gently surface behaviours that are counter-productive to change. ALSO ONLINE*.

Leading Organisational Change

Whether you’re in the midst of a change effort or just planning one, you’ll need Leading Change at Every Level. Created for all organisational levels, this diagnostic tool drives home the importance of individual behaviour to the success of an overall change effort. Change is here to stay; there's no doubt about it. But in today's empowered workplace, leading organisational change has, well, changed. What was once the role of senior management is now the day-to-day responsibility of individuals throughout the organisation, from the executives at the top of the pyramid to the frontline employees at the base.

And that's good news. Why? Because studies show that leading organisational change efforts are more successful when they're implemented by the people they impact most. Regardless of authority or position, the ability to champion change has become a key factor in professional and organisational performance.

Leading Change at Every Level is the combination self-assessment and training workshop that measures skill level and develops the five behaviours of effective change leaders: modeling the change.

Leading Change at Every Level generates scores in five dimensions:

• Modeling the Change

• Communicating about the Change

• Involving Others in the Change

• Helping Others Break from the Past

• Creating a Supportive Environment for the Change

Learning Outcomes:

• Examine behaviours that lend to or inhibit change efforts

• Develop change leadership skills and behaviours

• Generate support for change efforts

• Establish an effective learning environment

• Improve ability to lead change

Leading Change at Every Level is ideal for employees who are currently leading a change effort and want to identify actions to assist the process, want to evaluate their effectiveness leading a recent change, and are planning to lead a change effort in the near future.

The expanded Leading Change at Every Level consists of:

Participant Guide: 30-item assessment with three-part, pressure-sensitive scoring form, interpretive information, action planning, and suggestions for communicating change. Order one guide per participant. The inventory takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and we recommend you allow up to an hour for the interpretation of results, debrief, and action planning.

Facilitator Guide also available.

ONLINE VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE (See Related products below)

* Telephone (01267) 281661 to set up a new online project. Please go to the Online Assessments section of the website for the full range of available Online Assessments.

FORMAT Instrument, also available online
OBJECTIVE To identify and measure organisational change-leadership behaviours
AUDIENCE Anyone involved in a change effort
AUTHOR HRDQ Research & Development Team