Coaching Effectiveness Profile


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A competency-based instrument to help determine your ability to coach others successfuly and to suggest how to improve your skills. ALSO ONLINE*.

Coaching is an important part of any effort to bring out the best in an individual worker. In fact, it is a key skill that contributes to the development of an organisation's most valuable asset - its people.

Coaching as a formal endeavour might be relatively new in some commercial or business organisations, but it's been around for a long time. Top athletes have personal coaches to help them improve what they do and compete to be the best. Opera singers, actors, and public speakers hire people to coach them. Name an obscure occupation and chances are there's a coach for it.

In business or organisational work, coaching other people is an increasingly critical skill and one that can make the major difference in an individual’s ability to empower people successfully.

This 84 item self-scoring assessment provides a rating of coaching competencies including: empowerment, empathy, confrontational levels, and more. The Coaching Effectiveness Profile includes coaching tips and development planning and provides a detailed process for assessing an individual’s capacity to coach others. This is done by measuring coaching ability in seven separate categories as follows:

• Empathising ability

• Listening skills

• Capacity to front & challenge

• Problem-solving ability

• Feedback giving skills

• Capacity to empower

• Mentoring skills.

These competency categories represent the skills involved in effective coaching. Each is explained briefly in the paragraph under each respective heading. Every statement in each category can serve as an inspirational goal for those wishing to improve their skills in specific areas. By rating themselves on a scale of 1–5, participants can quickly determine their relative strength in each of these categories. Participant scores plot onto a histogram chart for each category, which quickly shows where efforts to improve should be concentrated in the future. Detailed interpretation notes are included for each category, including improvement actions for high scorers.

ONLINE VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE (See Related Products below)

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Format Self-scoring instrument–histogram output, also available online
Objective To identify individual effectiveness in being able to coach others
Audience All organisation members
Time Required 30 minutes
Author Dr. Jon Warner, B.A., M.B.A.