Teams & Team-building

The Teams & Team-building products provide a wide range of inventories, assessments, simulations and games. These are designed to help participating individuals and teams clarify how they work, how to improve their skills, working methods and increase productivity. This extensive range of tried and tested products is accompanied by comprehensive Facilitation Guides.

Whether you need to work on team-building or team-development there will be a product which can help you manage the process in a fun and interactive way. Is your objective to ‘fix’ a low performing team or boost an already successful one?  Is it a team that is not achieving its true potential? Whatever the question, this section provides powerful proven products which will help support your learning goals.

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Engaging People in Service Improvement

Engage People in Impactful Conversations. Experience suggests that it is those directly involved in care who often have the best solutions. These conversation cards are designed to help you ask the right questions of yourself and others.


Black Bear

Consistently our most popular team building simulation!

On an early-morning hike in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains, your group stops to enjoy some blueberries growing along the trail. Just when someone spots a small black bear cub, the mother bear lunges from the bushes and attacks — with near-fatal results.

Can you work as a team to save an injured person’s life – addressing five strategy options and ranking 10 backpack items? The simulation deals with group decision making under pressure and the value of teamwork.

Black Bear is the ideal training tool for any group that works in a high-pressure environment. Inspired by a real life six-month hike of the Appalachian Trail, this survival adventure incorporates expert information from many books on the Smokies, wilderness survival, and backcountry rescue.

From £18.92 excl VAT

Team Effectiveness Profile

Fast track teams to success

Whilst some teams may fall perfectly together either instantly or over time, some do not, or they may just need some help to be the best they can sooner rather than later. The Team Effectiveness Profile assists team members and the whole group to identify possible blockages or issues and offers ways to deal with them.

An excellent and proven tool that has consistently provided positive results for over 30 years!

From £18.92 excl VAT

Team-work & Team-roles

What Makes Your Team Tick

Team-Work & Team-Roles is designed to help individuals and teams understand and improve team performance. By understanding their preferences, individuals and teams may modify their behaviour and become better problem solvers and decision makers. Team-Work & Team-Roles identifies the individual's and the team's preferences for the phases of a team task and for the roles that must be played in order to accomplish that task.

Using the assessment, individuals rank-order statements describing their manner of working on a team. Then, a team profile and group discussion help the teams to discover how they can modify their behaviour to ensure roles and phases are addressed.

From £18.92 excl VAT

Jungle Escape

Rescuing teams around the world

An instant hit since it was first introduced thirty years ago, Jungle Escape is an experiential training game that takes new and intact teams on an imaginative adventure: having just survived a crash-landing in a remote jungle, a team of engineers must build an escape helicopter using the spare parts they were transporting.

Jungle Escape isn’t just about fun and games, though. Real learning is quickly absorbed by the players as they discover and practice the critical skills surrounding the processes of team planning, problem-solving, and decision-making. Before they know it, they’ve experienced first-hand the research-proven differences between a well-functioning 'Cohesive' team and a 'Fragmented' or 'Divergent' one.

Jungle Escape is an effective, reliable classic team building simulation!

From £11.57 excl VAT

Choose Happiness @ Work Card System

Over 50 common workplace scenarios and over 100 science-based solutions. Trains up to 10 participants at a time.


Values Edge System Complete Kit

The Complete Kit includes materials to train up to five participants at one time. For larger groups, order one extra card deck and one participant refill set per person. The card decks are reusable and all other parts are available for individual purchase.
£715.00 excl VAT

Values Edge System Extra Card Deck

Includes one Values Edge System card deck
£26.68 excl VAT

Values Edge System Refill Participant Set

Includes materials to train one additional participant

What's My Team Member Style?-Participant Booklet

The 18-item assessment helps individuals evaluate how they typically behave on a team and the results reveal their preference for one of 4 team member styles. With increased awareness, they are able to appreciate other team members' contributions and address differences proactively. ALSO ONLINE*.


Benchmarks of Team Excellence Participant Guide

Developed to help teams identify their current level of excellence, Benchmarks of Team Excellence makes an effective stand-alone training session.This tool measures the higher level of team functioning. ALSO ONLINE*.


Earthquake Participant Activity

Earthquake is designed to promote group problem solving, consensus decision making, and an understanding of group dynamics.