Strategic Leadership Type Indicator


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Represents a new approach to systematically managing and motivating your employee's performance. Fast becoming the new standard in 4-quadrant leadership assessments. ALSO ONLINE*

The New Standard in 4-quadrant Leadership Assessments

Newly Revised Edition. The instrument is now in full colour and is fully compatible with the previous version.

The Strategic Leadership Type Indicator assessment process is a complete development cycle for supervisors or leaders:

1. Leaders complete a self-assessment and discover their preferred leadership strategies for a variety of contexts.

2. Leaders learn to select the best strategies for a given context.

3. Leaders are shown how to use strategies to develop their direct reports, to move them toward higher autonomy, competence, and improved productivity.

You'll appreciate its simplicity, combined with ample support materials and without burdensome and expensive certification requirements. Managers and supervisors will like the emphasis on learning the appropriate use of four different management styles. The SL helps build the coaching style widely considered the most flexible and motivational for today's leaders.

The change paradigm requires leadership that is flexible and adaptable, while maintaining a clear vision of the goals and the actions necessary to achieve them. This is the strategic leadership approach; a consistent approach governed by a thorough understanding of a few key constants in the supervisor/direct report collaboration.

Key Benefits

• Create a structured framework for leadership development

• Improve leadership ability across the whole organisation through constant reinforcement of a systematic management system

• The SL  is clear and intuitive; a new, down in the trenches, prescription for leading

Relevant for first time leaders

Develop managers leadership competencies quickly and effectively

• An easy-to-use self-scoring assessment - get results in 30 minutes.


• Participants can take and self score this easy-to-use assessment in 30 minutes

ONLINE VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE (See Related Products below)

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FORMAT Assessment, also available online
OBJECTIVE To help Leaders respond more effectively
AUDIENCE Managers and leaders of work groups or teams
TIME REQUIRED 30 minutes
AUTHOR Alexander Hiam