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Performance Management

The products in this section include inventories and assessments designed to help managers at all levels understand and use best-practice models of leadership, coaching and mentoring. They help participants develop style flexibility and the practical skills that will improve individual and team performance. All resources are supported by a comprehensive Facilitator Guide.

There are many different components of successful Performance Management, so explore the options listed below to see which meet your specific needs.

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Achieving Peak Performance Employee Version

Aimed at increasing an employee's awareness of their individual needs

Fink™ Enhancing People's Performance at Work

Discover how to work with individuals in your organisation to remove barriers to their performance and to create the best opportunity for them to do a great job! This new range of conversation cards encourages people in organisations to have better quality conversations about the things that impact organisational performance.

Performance Management Through 5 Key Conversations Participant Booklet

Designed to help managers identify their skill level in engaging employees in 5 key types of performance-related conversations. The instrument allows managers to create a profile of skill level in each of the 5 Key Conversations (comparing self assessment with peer feedback), providing insight on the areas for improvement. Order one Participant Guide per participant

Performance Appraisal Skills Inventory

Help managers turn performance appraisals into productive and even enjoyable experiences.

Rocket Complete Kit

A competitive team simulation that emphasises simple, fast, and flexible techniques for ensuring project success. For three teams of 4 to 7 each.
£481.80 excl VAT

360° Feedback

Find out how the emerging technology of multi-source assessment and feedback (360° feedback) can benefit your organisation. This handy book shows concrete methods for creating, adapting, and using survey methods for providing sharply targeted feedback to leaders.

Accountability for Results

Enables participants to understand, own, and apply the Process that achieves results which reflect individual and organisational goals

Feedback Pack

A valuable tool for managers in giving and receiving feedback to team members by providing guidelines for different situations and with different people and thereby ensuring they adopt a consistent approach.
£38.90 excl VAT

Mentoring in the Moment Participant Booklet

Understand the four phases of the mentoring journey, Identification, Growth, Separation, Mutuality

Performance Feedback

Learn how to design and implement a performance feedback program that will help employees take performance to a higher level. The advice, tips, models and tools described in this booklet help give more complete feedback to your employees. They will better understand what is expected of them and how they can improve in specific areas to meet the organisation’s expectations.


Experts predict a serious shortage of employees in the United States over the next decade as Baby Boomers begin to retire. If retaining people isn’t one of your top priorities, Retention will convince you to make it one immediately.

Structuring Personal Activity

Insight into how you structure your individual and team activities