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Flexible/Remote Working

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Effective Remote Worker–Profile and Workbook

This 70 page Workbook explores the personal attributes needed to be effective as a remote worker. It contains a self-assessed Profile and personal development planning tools and templates.

Effective Remote Worker–Feedback Booklet

Contains a Profile for a manager, colleague or friend to complete on behalf of the person who is, or is about to start, working remotely

Effective Remote Worker–Facilitator Pack

This Facilitator Pack will help you adopt a management approach and put in place a systematic process to achieve success with your remote working initiative
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InDependence - Make flexible working work!

Make Flexible Working work!

Whether it’s home – based, mobile, remote,  job sharing, flexitime or part-time working – flexible working requires specific skills!

Flexible workers need to be especially skilled at motivating and managing themselves, as well as managing their interactions with team members, managers, other departments and of course customers. These skills apply equally to those  who are office-based and work  in an environment where flexible working is in place.

The 7 skills focused on in this Skills Builder are not new but in the world of flexible working they need special attention and to be used thoughtfully. They can all be developed and learnt. Spending time improving and polishing them will  enhance productivity and increase job satisfaction, well-being and morale.

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