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Problem Solving

The Problem Solving products include a wide range of inventories, assessments, simulations and games. They can be used for personal and team development, helping participants increase their understanding of problem solving styles and skills. Each resource has a comprehensive Facilitator Guide available.

This section helps you answer the question of “How do you solve everyday problems and still leave time for more complex issues?” Using the games and simulations provides a fun and interesting way to address performance blockages and identify practical approaches to improve individual and team efficiency and effectiveness.

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Force Field Problem Solving Model

Simple, Practical & Proven Problem Solving Tool!

Solve problems with this systematic easily grasped practical approach for solving complex problems in organisations. the Force Field Problem Solving Model – is based on Kurt Lewin’s original work with force-field theory, which has been used for decades to resolve complex and deeply rooted organisational issues.

Using this simple model provides groups with a reliable, systematic fresh and innovative approach to any problem.

Participants learn a 5–step process to guide them from defining a problem to creating action plans for strategies, and help them make their organisations more productive.

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Problem Solved!

You encounter a range of problems at work, but let's face it: the small, everyday problems-the ones that need quick but effective solutions-really take a chunk out of your day. So how do you solve these everyday problems and still leave time for the more complex issues at hand?


Gathering and Using Information

This assessment provides insight into how you gather and use information.


Outback Participant Guide

Introduces the concept of synergy and helps team members to develop vital group-process skills such as decision making and conflict resolution. Part of the HRDQ Team Adventure Series.


Beyond the Valley of the Kings Participant Guide

A challenging adventure simulation that focuses on decision making under pressure and the importance of team building. Part of the popular HRDQ Team Adventure Series™


Zombie Outbreak Facilitator Guide

Does your team understand the concept of synergy? Help team members to develop vital group-process skills with Zombie Outbreak.

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Zombie Outbreak Participant Guide

Does your team understand the concept of synergy? Help team members to develop vital group-process skills with Zombie Outbreak.


Ethical Type Indicator

What ethical type are you? How to resolve the ethical and moral dilemmas that arise in your life. Can you identify, articulate, and defend the ethical principles that govern and influence your ethical and moral decision-making?


The Ethical Dilemma

Peter Garber makes a strong business case for how ethics will ultimately help you avoid fines and penalties and improve profits and customer and public relations. He shows you how to establish ethical behaviours and practices. Just as important, he demonstrates how to observe and enforce them, make people accountable and ensure there are penalties sand consequences for non-compliance.

Problem Solved! Facilitator Set

Facilitator Guide to accompany the Problem Solved! Participant Guide.


Outback Facilitator Set

Includes facilitator guide, workshop instructions, sample participant materials, and PowerPoint presentation

£151.34 excl VAT

Outback Info Kit

This PDF brochure contains information about Outback and its product components. Just add your selection to cart (as if shopping) and once registered on this website, go to the "MY ACCOUNT" section. There you will be able to access your Downloads.