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The Sourcebook of Magic

A Comprehensive Guide to NLP Change Patterns
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In the newly revised 360 page The Sourcebook of Magic you will re-discover the basic 77 NLP patterns for transformational magic. What’s new? A change from merely describing the patterns to presenting the key questions that allow you to guide a client. The newly revised version streamlines the patterns so that they are even more succinct and offers some new insights about how the patterns work, that is, the cognitive-behavioural mechanisms that make the neuro-linguistic and neuro-semantic approach so powerful.

The Sourcebook of Magic arose in 1997 from a desire to collect in one place the basic or core NLP Patterns. Today it remains an excellent resource for coaches, therapists, psychologists, trainers, and managers. The book uniquely sorts and separates the patterns in key categories, those that deal with Self, Emotions, Languaging, Thinking Patterns, Meaning, and Strategies. This Sourcebook of Magic also provides guidelines for knowing what to do when and why. An excellent gift for those interested in the cognitive-behavioural model called NLP.

Products specifications
Format Paperback Book
Objective To re-discover the basic NLP Patterns
Audience NLP Trainers
Author L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.