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Spirit of NLP

“No other book covers this breadth of NLP Master Practitioner material. … essential reading for all those who want to go beyond Practitioner level.” Frank Daniels, NLP trainer.
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The Process, Meaning and Criteria for Mastering NLP

This fully revised 352-page edition of The Spirit of NLP brings you a brilliant Richard Bandler master training and significant contributions from master trainers Eric Robbie, Wyatt Woodsmall, Tad James, Christina Hall and the late Will McDonald.

Providing a deeper understanding of the true genius of the co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it includes the neurology of NLP, and the development of sleight of mouth patterns. Systematically tackling Programming, Linguistics and Neurology, The Spirit of NLP is ideal for all those wishing to update and expand their understanding, or wanting a fresh and exciting perspective on NLP.

Products specifications
Format Paperback Book
Objective To Master NLP
Audience NLP Trainers
Author L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.