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Mastering Time Online Programme

Self development programme that allows the user to increase mastery of time.
Code: 5001
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How to get every team member working an extra 22 days a year for free… and like you for it!

Based on client figures, the average amount of time lost to low priority or unfocused work is 22 days a year per team member! This does not include time lost to stress-related illness, unnecessary meetings and inefficient administration.

For the first time, Simon Phillips (best-selling author of ‘Mastering Time 24/7’) makes all of his proven strategies, tools and techniques available in one programme so that your teams can transform their effectiveness, deliver more in less time whilst still enhancing everyone’s work life balance.

Mastering Time is a self-development programme which practices what it preaches by allowing the user to control when he or she increases their mastery of time. The programme guides your participant through the challenges of self-management in a fun and interactive process which can have life-changing benefits.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand how to use time effectively

• Clarify individual and team goals and know exactly how to achieve them

• Get the best out of your team through understanding their individual Time Styles©

• Balance your contribution to the team without sacrificing your home life

• Make any time management system work for you by learning the Master Key.

Mastering Time is a Complete Multimedia Experience

Contains over 10 hours of life changing training:

• Videos

• eBook

• Exercises

• Support Forums

…as well as free webinars, interviews and top tips.

Mastering Time Online – each participant is given access to the online programme through a simple login process.

Products specifications
Format Self Development System
Objective To enhance time management
Author Simon Phillips