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Lunch & Learn Delegate Pack - Embracing Change

Materials for ten delegates attending a Embracing Change Lunch & Learn session
Code: 8570E
Category: Workshops

Your Complete Embracing Change Lunchtime Training–in a bag

Feed your hungry minds with a cost efficient Lunch & Learn–Embracing Change session. A functional and time-saving alternative to more traditional methods, each session will provide learners with a taste of each subject in a one hour feast.

This session covers the following topics

• Understanding change

• The importance of change

• Reaction to change

• Change as loss

• The Emotional Reaction to the change curve.

Each Lunch & Learn Delegate Pack contains

• 10 Workbooks

• 10 'Lunch bags'

• 10 'What I have learnt' pledge cards.

The trainer kit needed to run the session is sold seperately.

Products specifications
Format Workshop
Time Required 1 to 1.5 hours
Author Peter Hitchen, Instep