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Lunch & Learn Delegate Pack - Conflict Management

Materials for ten delegates attending a Conflict Management Lunch & Learn session
Code: 8570F

Your Complete Conflict Management Lunchtime Training–in a bag

Feed your hungry minds with a cost efficient Lunch & Learn– Conflict Management  session. A functional and time-saving alternative to more traditional methods, each session will provide learners with a taste of each subject in a one hour feast.

This session covers the following areas:

• Definition of conflict management

• Why does conflict occur?

• Types of conflict

• How do I deal with conflict?

• Conflict reducing strategies

• Conflict management questionnaire.

Excerpt from Rapport Building Skills

Be curious. Ask a lot of questions. People trust people who are interested in them.

Be an open space listener. When you ask a question, deliberately pause to let the person answer.

Be a flexible mirror. To make someone your're talking to feel comfortable it is helpful to mirror his or her demeanour.

Be charismatic. When communicating, focus as if the person you're speaking to is your whole world.

Be understanding. One other way to build rapport is to let the other person know that you understand their point of view.

Each Lunch & Learn Delegate Pack contains

• 10 Workbooks

• 10 'Lunch bags'

• 10 'What I have learnt' pledge cards.

The trainer kit needed to run the session is sold seperately.

Products specifications
Format Workshop
Time Required 1 to 1.5 hours
Author Peter Hitchen, Instep