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glueless™ about change CD-ROM

CD Rom based game that encourages players to explore the pitfalls and best practices of managing change. The questions are based on the journey made by all of us when going through change, and the action plans that result from these questions target the key success factors associated with change.
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glueless about change™ is an interactive CD-Rom based game game designed to provide a fun and creative way of uncovering the sticking points of change. It encourages players to explore the pitfalls and best practices around managing change initiatives, however large or small.

Participants develop practical ideas that when implemented deliver fast and sustainable results. glueless is equally successful in a variety of situations, including:

• a change management event

• management/ team meeting

• seminar

• training workshop

• conference

to stimulate ideas and to progress any management team from a state of readiness for change right through to a successful implementation.

glueless about change™ is centred on a set of questions that create a forum for the exchange of ideas and actions that follow the evolution of the ‘gluecurve’, which describes our experience of change in simple language. Players discuss the impact that poorly managed change can have on individuals and teams. Drawing from experience and the best practice answers provided, they develop action plans relevant to where the organisation is in the current change initiative.

The glueless about change™ game is handy and flexible, designed to enable facilitators to navigate quickly between sections and display questions and answers.

Playing this fun and highly interactive and competitive game will help you and your managers to:

• Understand the typical reactions to change

• Explore the pitfalls and best practice in managing a team through change

• Avoid the saboteurs

• Develop actions to minimise resistance and increase performance

• Suitable for 3 to 24 players and any age change leader.

glueless about change™ CD-ROM includes

• Clearly-displayed questions

• The option to display the answers

• A simple navigation device to move easily between the transition stages and questions in the game

• An automated 3-minute timer

• A printable score pad.

Products specifications
Format CD–ROM
Objective To inspire and experience leading change
Audience All organisation members
Author gluetogether