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Emotional Smarts-Book

This book, while not written to be a scholarly or academic masterpiece, is designed to be an educational, encouraging, affordable, easy-to-read, book about how to identify, build, and maintain your emotional intelligence
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This 94 page, easy to read, understand, relate to and apply emotional intelligence book presents a model on how to get and keep yourself emotionally smart - particularly as you deal with unrelenting change and uncertainty in both your personal and professional life.

Why Emotional SMARTS!® Matter

Research indicates that approximately 20% of life success comes from intellectual intelligence and the other 80% comes from other factors. Emotional SMARTS make up many of those other factors.

An Overview

On your path to Emotional SMARTS know that…

1. You will not have to disclose your life secrets in this book!

2. You will not have to learn how to give or receive air kisses!

3. You will not have to hug anyone (unless you both think it's a good idea)!

As you explore this book know that…Emotional SMARTS is about far more than just affairs of the heart. It's about taking responsibility for how you live and manage your life and relationships.

Emotional SMARTS is a powerful new emotional intelligence framework for people who want to understand how to maximise their psychological wellness, relationships, decision-making, and results.

Emotional SMARTS can be improved upon unlike intellectual intelligence (IQ) which is said to static.

Emotional SMARTS demystifies emotional intelligence concepts and identifies theA, B, C, Ds, of being emotionally smart. Emotional SMARTS specifically focuses on

• A wareness Skills

• B ehavioural Skills

• C ontact Skills

• D ecision-Making Skills.

Most people don't give their Emotional SMARTS a second thought when life is nice and normal, and people are pleasant and predictable. However, when life takes a turn for the worse, our ability to stay emotionally smart can be seriously affected. It is during these times when we need to demonstrate our Emotional SMARTS by being grounded, centred, and focused. Only then can we achieve the best possible results.

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Format Book
Audience All organisation members
Author June Donaldson, MBA, Ed.D