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Team-Work & Team-Roles

Revised and expanded 3rd edition of this 18-item assessment that pinpoints which phases of group work interest your teams most and identifies the behavioural roles team members habitually play or ignore
Code: 209
Category: Instruments

What Makes Your Team Tick

Team-Work & Team-Roles is designed to help individuals and teams understand and improve team performance. By understanding their preferences, individuals and teams may modify their behaviour and become better problem solvers and decision makers. Team-Work & Team-Roles identifies the individual's and the team's preferences for the phases of a team task and for the roles that must be played in order to accomplish that task.

Using the assessment, individuals rank-order statements describing their manner of working on a team. Then, a team profile and group discussion help the teams to discover how they can modify their behaviour to ensure roles and phases are addressed.

Participant Guide includes

• 18-item assessment

• Pressure-sensitive response form

• Description of the Team-Work Cycle and Team-Roles Model

• Diagrams for charting scores/creating profiles

• Interpretive information

• Team-Work Style Descriptions

• Tips for building on team strengths/overcoming weaknesses

• Exploration questions/action planning

Products specifications
Format Assessment
Objective To measure a team's effectiveness, roles, and work phases
Audience New, intermediate, or established teams at any organisational level
Time Required 1 to 1½ hours
Author Frederick S. Mumma, EdD
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