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Self-Worth Inventory

Understand what self-worth is and how it is developed. Identify your current self-worth levels in five critical areas. Learn about strategies to continuously increase your level of confidence and self-worth. ALSO ONLINE*.
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Increase Confidence and Motivation

We all have various levels of self-worth. In the past, discussion about a person's self-worth was taboo or certainly not encouraged. The Self-Worth Inventory (SWI) is a simple yet powerful process to help measure your levels of self-worth in specific areas of your life. The SWI does not create self-worth; it confirms what is already true.

What is the Self-Worth Inventory?

It is a professionally developed, self-administered, and self-scoring learning and communication instrument that provides participants with self-worth scores for five different categories;

• Self

• Family

• Peers

• Projected Self

• Work

Levels of self-worth highly influence the results accomplished every single day. This self-awareness and educational tool will assist in gaining a deeper understanding of the perception of personal self-worth and enable your clients to plan for increased confidence and assurance.

Why Use the SWI?

To reduce the impact that events could have on an individual's self-worth levels. This can be achieved if he or

she understands the situation and has specific approaches for maintaining and increasing self-worth levels. Many organisations and individuals use the Self-Worth Inventory on a regular and planned basis. We recommend completing the SWI every 1 to 2 years to track and benchmark self-worth levels. It also can assist your organisation to establish the impact of significant changes or interventions.

Use the SWI to:

* Improve Quality of Life

* Create Self-Confidence

* Build Trust in Yourself and Your Clients

Use it for:

* Employees

* Prospective Partners

* Clients

The best thing you can do for your clients and employees is help them build their self-worth. The benefits are far-reaching and long-lasting.

ONLINE VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE (See Related Products below)

* Telephone (01267) 281661 to set up a new online project. Please go to the Online Assessments section of the website for the full range of available Online Assessments.

Products specifications
Format Instrument, also available online
Objective To assess Self-worth
Author Everett T. Robinson, M.A. and Ken Keis, MBA
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Self-Worth Inventory Trainer Guidelines

Self-worth is a powerful force that can either make or break us. Give your clients the information they need to succeed.