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Marooned Participant Guide

Introduces the concept of synergy and helps team members to develop vital group-process skills such as decision making and problem solving. Part of the HRDQ Team Adventure Series.
Code: 238
Category: Simulations

Demonstrate the concept of team synergy with Marooned, a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on consensus decision-making. Participants experience first-hand the advantage of working as a team when they realise the results achieved as a group out-measure those of any one individual.

The Scenario

Enjoying a daytime excursion while on a cruise in the South Pacific, a group of passengers sets out to explore a coral island. It doesn’t take long before they discover a long stretch of inviting sand. So they decide to take a break - and they drift off to sleep.

Two hours later, they awake just in time to see their cruise ship sail into the horizon. Stranded with only limited supplies, the group is left to draft a survival plan.

You’re officially Marooned!

As night approaches, can your team make a plan for survival and hope to be rescued?

Learning Outcomes

• Learn how to manage and resolve group conflict

• Hone group problem-solving skills

• Improve communication

• Discover the advantages of consensus decision-making

What to Order/Product Contents

Order one Participant Guide per team member.

Note: Marooned works best when participants are divided into teams of seven or fewer per table.

Participant Guide includes:

• Scenario description

• Pressure-sensitive response form

• Team synergy score chart

• Team discussion guidelines

Products specifications
Format Simulation
Objective Build the skills for teams to achieve synergy
Audience All teams
Time Required 1½ hours
Author HRDQ Research & Development Team
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