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30 Seconds That Can Change Your Life

A Decision-Making Guide for Those Who Refuse to Be Mediocre. An unconventional approach to taking control of determining your future.

360° Feedback

Find out how the emerging technology of multi-source assessment and feedback (360° feedback) can benefit your organisation. This handy book shows concrete methods for creating, adapting, and using survey methods for providing sharply targeted feedback to leaders.

All New Tricks for Trainers

160 pages of tricks and techniques to grab and hold the attention of any audience

Alternative Workforce Strategies

This short book presents alternatives to the traditional model of hiring permanent workers, and offers real-life situations in which they have worked.

An Overview of Online Learning Second Edition

Online learning in simple language, 240 pages.

Black Belt Memory Jogger™

A 272-page low cost tool that can bring you Six Sigma success. Help all of your Black Belts become the teachers, mentors, and leaders you know they can be.
£16.50 £8.25

Communicators Pocketbook

A pocketful of tips and techniques to make you more aware of your communication style and how to improve it

Competency-Based Performance Improvement

Systems thinking is now more than 30 years old. Unfortunately, it appears that many members of our current generation of HRD practitioners are not familiar with systems theory and how it can be applied to the HRD field. In this book, system theory is discussed and then applied to performance improvement.
£34.25 £17.13

Conducting Workplace Investigations

This short book will provide you with guidance, insight and practical tools to use. The information will help you identify key issues and make important decisions concerning the investigative process, as well as make you a better investigator.

Delegation Pocketbook

A pocketful of tips, tools and techniques on how to delegate successfully–an approach that saves time, improves results and increases job satisfaction


Does your organisation have an immediate need to reduce the number of employees? Do you plan to downsize in the future? This booklet will force you to think about the human side of workforce reductions and make downsizing with dignity your ultimate goal.

Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook

A pocketful of tips, tools and techniques to improve your emotional awareness and your ability to manage feelings – yours and other people