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Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook

A pocketful of tips, tools and techniques to improve your emotional awareness and your ability to manage feelings – yours and other people
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A survey of managers in a leading UK supermarket chain revealed that those high on EI (emotional intelligence) experienced less stress, enjoyed better health, demonstrated higher levels of morale and performance, and reported a better quality of life. US research involving partners of a multi-national consulting firm showed that those people with higher EI competencies secured $1.2 million more profit.

In the Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook author Margaret Chapman, a coaching psychologist and coach-supervisor, demystifies a complex subject that hitherto has only been covered by academic, heavyweight literature. The 112-page book takes readers through each of the five steps to attaining EI and describes how organisations can become emotionally intelligent.

Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook Contents


• Aims of the book

• Who the book is for

• What the book is not

• Emotional Intelligence explained

• Why now? why bother?

The Five Steps of Emotional Intelligence

• Self Awareness

• Emotion Management

• Self-motivation

• Relationship management

• Emotion coaching.

Assessing & Developing your Emotional Intelligence

• How do you shape up?

• The Boston EIQ self-assessment questionnaire

• EI development plan

• Raising your EI

• Ten habits of emotionally intelligent people.

Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Organisation

• Using EI as a change management strategy

• 4 steps to organisational EI

• Example EI development Programme.

Final Thoughts

• Summing up

• Conclusions

• Insights.

Further Reading

• References

• Resources.

• Illustrated by Phil Hailstone.

Products specifications
Format Pocketbook
Objective To demystify the complex subject of emotional intelligence
Author Margaret Chapman
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