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Swamped Participant Guide

Teach the concept of team synergy with Swamped, a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on managing group conflict and consensus decision making. By comparing individual solutions to solutions reached by the group, participants experience first-hand the advantages of working as a team.
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Category: Simulations

The Scenario

Deep in the wilds of Northern Minnesota, your group is paddling across scenic Lake McEwen in three canoes. Suddenly it begins to rain — and as the wind reaches gale force, your canoes capsize. You’re swamped — and your troubles are just beginning!

One of our best-selling simulations, Swamped was born out of extensive research and the input of Jim Roadcap, an experienced canoeist, wilderness camper, survival skills trainer, and Boy Scout leader.

Participant Guide includes:

• Scenario description

• Pressure-sensitive response form

• Team synergy score chart

• Team discussion guidelines

Part of the popular HRDQ Team Adventure Series™

Products specifications
Format Simulation
Objective Build the skills for teams to achieve synergy
Audience All teams
Time Required 2 Hours
Author HRDQ Research & Development Team
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