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Outback Participant Guide

Introduces the concept of synergy and helps team members to develop vital group-process skills such as decision making and conflict resolution. Part of the HRDQ Team Adventure Series.

Overboard in the Roaring River

Additional copies of this simulation for Grand Canyon Adventures programmes

Slingshot Individual Participant Supply Kit

Individual Participant Materials for when groups are over 12 participants
£13.88 excl VAT

Slingshot Participant Supply Kit

Contains all consumables necessary for 12 people to participate in the programme
£165.78 excl VAT

Slingshot! Starter Kit

A highly participative multi-function simulation for team development, organisational learning and business process improvement. Starter Kit trains up to 12 participants. Slingshot can train group sizes from 8 participants to a maximum of 30 (extra Supply Kits required).
£389.48 excl VAT

Stranded in Grand Canyon

Additional copies of this simulation for Grand Canyon Adventures programmes

Swamped Facilitator Set

Includes facilitator guide, workshop instructions, sample participant materials, and PowerPoint presentation
£139.92 excl VAT

Swamped Participant Guide

Teach the concept of team synergy with Swamped, a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on managing group conflict and consensus decision making. By comparing individual solutions to solutions reached by the group, participants experience first-hand the advantages of working as a team.

Terrorist Incident Facilitator Set

Facilitators Guide with CD-ROM containing Briefing Slides in 3 formats and copy of Participant workbook
£37.44 excl VAT

Terrorist Incident Participant Activity

All the resources needed to run the exercise. As well as background information the booklet contains the response sheet, expert ranking, individual and team-score sheets, and action-planning guidelines.

The Last Spike Extra packs of cards

3 extra decks of re-usable cards
£31.15 excl VAT