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Sales & Negotiation

This section provides inventories, assessments, simulations and games to help participants identify personal negotiating style preferences and develop practical hands-on negotiating skills. All are supported by comprehensive Professional Facilitator Guides.

It is important to recognise that everyone is a negotiator, and everyone sets out to “sell” ideas and influence others at every level. Sometimes categorised as specialist competences that are needed only by sales people, negotiating and selling are core skills needed by almost everyone working in an organisation.

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Interpersonal Influence Inventory - Online Sample Report

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Influence Styles Inventory Trainer Guide

A useful tool for assertiveness training in the context of more general training and development programmes


Influencing Strategies & Styles Facilitator Guide

Comprehensive 52-page guide for trainers, includes downloadable PowerPoint slides and a copy of the participant workbook.
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Influencing Strategies & Styles Profile Participant Activity (FREE PDF SAMPLE)

Free Sample Available (LIMITED TO 1 PER CUSTOMER) Self-scoring instrument Second Edition. Provides you with information about how you seek to influence others.

Negotiating Styles Profile Facilitator Guide

his guide contains useful explanations and discussion ideas for anyone making a presentation or conducting a workshop. Everything needed to deliver a half day workshop; interpreting results and leading skill-building exercises on the best use of each negotiation style.


Selling Skills Inventory Facilitator Guide

Facilitator Guide comprises of Binder with CD and Participant Workbook. Selling Skills Inventory is based on The Collaborative Selling Process Model. The steps and skills comprising the Model are all grounded in behavioural science research and have been found to distinguish sales reps who are more successful at achieving their sales objectives from those who are less successful (DeMarco & Maginn, 1982; Rackham & Morgan, 1977; and Biomedical Business International).

£151.34 excl VAT