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Turbocharged Flyer (Paper Version)

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The paper copy of the flyer contains the full range of our best selling products.

Full of tried and tested best-selling training resources but remember, it's just a taster... you'll always find more titles and expanded information on our website.

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Turbocharged Flyer (Pdf Version)

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Caribbean Island Survival II - Facilitator Set

The Caribbean Island Survival II Facilitator Set provides background information on the objectives of the activity, guidelines for effective group functioning, and a full explanation of the expert's rationale and scoring. Only one copy required.

Caribbean Island Survival II - Participant Activity

Caribbean Island Survival II - Participant Activity - You and a group of your friends are on a sailing and scuba adventure off Tobago Island in the British West Indies. You run into a violent storm spawned at the edge of a hurricane. Your boat smashes onto the rocks, leaving you stranded on a small, uninhabited island. You have lost much of your equipment and some of you need medical attention. Important decisions must be made for your survival.