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TeamShare Participant Booklet

TeamShare provides an opportunity for teams to explore how open they are in their communication patterns.

Team-Work & Team-Roles

Revised and expanded 3rd edition of this 18-item assessment that pinpoints which phases of group work interest your teams most and identifies the behavioural roles team members habitually play or ignore

Team-Work & Team-Roles Facilitator Set

Pinpoint which phases of group work interest your teams most and identify which behavioural role(s) team members habitually play or ignore with this 84-page facilitator guide
£145.52 excl VAT

The Influencing Style Clock Facilitator Set

Provides general guidance on how to use the ISC Inventory

The Matrix and Complex Environment (MaCE) Leadership Diagnostic Report (LDR)

The MaCE LDR™ is a unique instrument that uses an 84 item questionnaire, completed ‘on-line’, to create a comprehensive leadership development report. In the report Leaders are given a range of practical development solutions, each specifically designed to increase their matrix leadership effectiveness.
£25.00 excl VAT

Time Management Effectiveness Facilitator Guide

provides a comprehensive explanation of how to administer the Time Management Profile and contains extensive explanatory notes

Time Management Effectiveness Profile

A competency-based instrument to help determine your ability to manage time effectively. Also available online.

Influencing Strategies & Styles Profile Participant Activity (FREE PDF SAMPLE)

Free Sample Available (LIMITED TO 1 PER CUSTOMER) Self-scoring instrument Second Edition. Provides you with information about how you seek to influence others.