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Leadership Skills Inventory–Trainer's Guidelines

Individual and Group Exercises to explain the best ways to use the Leadership Skills resources

Learning Style Questionnaire

Identifies your employees’ strengths and weaknesses in the methods in which they learn, and provides the concepts and insight into adult learning that every trainer needs

Learning To Listen Third Edition Facilitator Set

Extensively revised and in full colour, the new facilitator guide makes preparation a snap with updated references, improved statistical analysis using current normative data, background information, step-by-step half-day workshop guidelines, and a skill-development module. Also includes sample participant materials, a Poster and HRDQue Card displaying the 3-part listening model, as well as a flash drive containing facilitator support resources and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
£165.88 excl VAT

Learning To Listen Third Edition Paper Assessment

A communication assessment and soft-skills training programme that measures both visible and invisible listening skills. This listening skills test helps individuals to develop their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses so they are better equipped to handle customer complaints, negotiate contracts, manage teams, and more.. ALSO ONLINE*.

Learning To Listen Third Edition Workbook

The participant workbook deepens understanding of the assessment results. It includes background information and theories about conflict, an explanation of the Listening model, in-depth interpretive information, individual and group activities, and a personal development plan.

Mastering the Change Curve Facilitator Set

Individuals begin by identifying a specific change in the organisation that they are experiencing. They then respond to 24 statements using a 5-point rating scale to indicate how true each statement is of their current reaction. Subtotal scores indicate where they are along the Change Curve. Individuals then learn more about the different phases of change (Denial, Resistance, Commitment, and Exploration.) Finally, discussion questions and action planning follow the discussion of each phase.
£145.52 excl VAT

Mastering the Change Curve Participant Booklet

Mastering the Change Curve is appropriate for individuals at any organisational level who are experiencing continuous change. The most appropriate target audience consists of individuals who are subject to change they did not initiate themselves. ALSO ONLINE*.

Mentoring in the Moment Facilitator Set

Theoretical background, interpretive information, administrative guidelines, sample Participant Booklet and a sample training design are featured in the Facilitator Guide.

Mentoring in the Moment Participant Booklet

Understand the four phases of the mentoring journey, Identification, Growth, Separation, Mutuality

Negotiating Style Profile

Using the Participant Guide, individuals can create 2 profiles. The first profile is based on an assessment of their own preferences for one of 5 negotiating styles: Defeat, Withdraw, Accommodate, Compromise, or Collaborate. The optional second profile, based on scores compiled from the peer Feedback Form, provides additional insight, as many people who think they are collaborative learn that their associates may disagree. ALSO ONLINE*.

Negotiating Style Profile - Feedback

Order at least three per participant. ALSO ONLINE*.

Negotiating Style Profile Facilitator Set

Introduce the theory and practice of collaborative negotiation with the Negotiating Style Profile (NSP). Based on Ury and Fisher’s win-win model, the NSP offers a simple framework for determining one’s negotiating style and the likely effect of that style in a negotiating situation. Ultimately, participants will learn to focus on those skills and methods that are likely to produce synergistic outcomes.
£145.52 excl VAT