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Influence Styles Inventory Trainer Guide

A useful tool for assertiveness training in the context of more general training and development programmes

Influencing Strategies & Styles Facilitator Guide

Comprehensive 52-page guide for trainers, includes downloadable PowerPoint slides and a copy of the participant workbook.
£39.50 excl VAT

Influencing Strategies & Styles Profile

This 52-page self-scoring instrument includes comprehensive interpretative notes to help participants understand their scores and develop influencing strategies by demonstrating how appropriate style matches provide better results.

Influencing Style Clock

Easy-to-use 16-page self-scoring assessment provides a quick and easy ‘mirror’ that will help increase self-awareness and identify how to influence others successfully. ALSO ONLINE*.

Interpersonal Influence Inventory

Developed to help individuals assess their interpersonal influence style. The model upon which the inventory statements are based is an assertive behaviour model. This model suggests that 2 sets of behaviours create 4 behavioural mixes. One set of behaviour is related to an individual’s degree of openness or candor. Another set of behaviours is related to an individual’s degree of consideration for another or others. ALSO ONLINE*.

Interpersonal Influence Inventory Facilitator Set

Do the people in your organisation know how they 'come across' to others? Help them to become more effective communicators, and show them how to use their influence wisely with the Interpersonal Influence Inventory 4th Edition (III). For over 20 years, this popular learning instrument has helped thousands of professionals assess their own influence styles and work toward communicating more effectively.
£145.52 excl VAT

It's Okay to Be the Boss Facilitator Kit

What you need to get started. Includes a comprehensive Facilitator Guide, sample Participant Workbook, and flash drive with supporting materials. Participant Workbooks are sold separately.
£155.00 excl VAT

It's Okay to Be the Boss Participant Workbook

This one-day workshop provides clear, step-by-step ‘back-to-basics’ guidance to help individuals become strong, highly-engaged managers who know how to position their employees for success.

Job Style Indicator

Understand the style expectations of your job responsibility and your work position. Determine job-style compatibility, improve performance, intentionally build on a team's strengths, and plan your career to increase your personal fulfillment. ALSO ONLINE*.

Job Style Indicator Trainers Guidelines

Support tool for the JSI to assist individuals wanting to assess job positions.

Leadership Skills Inventory — Other

Receive critical feedback on your Leadership skills. This tool is used in concert with the Leadership Skills Inventory–Self to compare and benchmark leadership competencies. ALSO ONLINE*.

Leadership Skills Inventory — Self

Gain insight into your leadership skills. Learn what areas you can improve to become a more effective transformational leader. Increase your impact with self, others, teams, and organisations. ALSO ONLINE*.