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Tall Ships Building Effective Teams Extra Tablet Worksheets

Single Tablet of 50 worksheets

Training House Reproducible Games and Simulations

Reproducible games and simulations for teams to gain experience in key concepts and skills essential to their success in the workplace


Values Edge System Complete Kit

The Complete Kit includes materials to train up to five participants at one time. For larger groups, order one extra card deck and one participant refill set per person. The card decks are reusable and all other parts are available for individual purchase.
£650.00 excl VAT

Values Edge System Extra Card Deck

Includes one Values Edge System card deck
£24.25 excl VAT

Values Edge System Refill Participant Set

Includes materials to train one additional participant

Jungle Escape Deluxe Game Kit

Rescuing teams around the world

An instant hit since it was first introduced thirty years ago, Jungle Escape is an experiential training game that takes new and intact teams on an imaginative adventure: having just survived a crash-landing in a remote jungle, a team of engineers must build an escape helicopter using the spare parts they were transporting.

Jungle Escape isn’t just about fun and games, though. Real learning is quickly absorbed by the players as they discover and practice the critical skills surrounding the processes of team planning, problem-solving, and decision-making. Before they know it, they’ve experienced first-hand the research-proven differences between a well-functioning 'Cohesive' team and a 'Fragmented' or 'Divergent' one.

Jungle Escape is an effective, reliable classic team building simulation!

From £10.52 excl VAT

Get Fit for Coaching Game

Get Your Team Fit for Coaching

Effective coaching makes individuals feel good about their work, increases commitment and ownership. It also enables mastering of new skills and responsibilities... resulting in improvements in innovation, speed, and quality.

The skills required of an effective coach appear simple, but are much more difficult to practice consistently and thoughtfully in a work environment. Get Fit for Coaching - A Skill Practice Game provides the tools and opportunities for participants to improve and develop the skill to “Get fit to Coach” through a fast paced and fun skills practice game.

From £8.99 excl VAT