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The Memory Jogger™ II



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A pocket guide of management and planning tools for continuous improvement and effective planning.

The Pocket Guide of Tools for Continuous Improvement and Effective Planning

In response to customer requests for a low-cost, pocket-size resource containing all the tools of quality, The Memory Jogger™II was published in 1994. It is designed to pick up where the Memory Jogger™ left off. This spiral-bound pocket guide of tools is based on the original Memory Jogger™—sold to more than 5 million people worldwide in eight different languages.

Management and planning tools in one easy Guide

In Memory Jogger™II you’ll find the basic QC tools for problem solving and continuous improvement as well as the Seven Management & Planning (MP) Tools, team techniques and a start-to-finish problem-solving case study. These tools will help your organisation be more effective and your teams more productive in problem solving and planning. The chapters are sequenced alphabetically by tool name, cross-referenced by subject, with enhanced graphics throughout.

The Memory Jogger™II aims to increase the likelihood that all of the helpful methods for improvement, planning and problem solving are used frequently, appropriately and effectively by all people regardless of their knowledge level or position in the organisation.

Case studies and examples

Through a case study example, you will learn how the tools, when used in combination, can become more powerful and effective for solving problems and reaching goals. Graphic examples from well-known organisations in a variety of industries show you how real people have used the tools in their workplaces and why these tools were effective. Clear, step-by-step illustrations will help you construct, understand, and use each tool quickly, accurately and appropriately.

Features include:

• 22 Different Tools

• Activity Network Diagram

• Affinity Diagram

• Brainstorming

• Cause & Effect (Fishbone)

• Check Sheets

• Control Charts

• Data Points

• Flowchart

• Force Field Analysis

• Histograms

• Interrelationship Digraph (ID)

• Matrix Diagram

• Multivoting

• Pareto Chart

• Prioritisation Matrices

• Problem Solving Model

• Process Capability

• Radar Chart

• Run Chart

• Scatter Diagram

• Team Guidelines

• Tree Diagram

• Process Decision

• Program Chart

• Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

• Expert tips

• Storyboarding case study of 7-step model

• Team guidelines

• Tool selector chart, etc.

FORMAT Pocket book
AUTHOR Michael Brassard & Diane Ritter