The Manager's Pocket Guide to Public Presentations



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A confidence builder… will help any manager begin to overcome speaking anxiety

This book is an indispensable reference for managers and executives who find themselves in the unfamiliar and often frightening position of having to give a public presentation. It is a compendium of tips that will help any manager learn the survival tactics of public speaking. A simple, quick read, based on the accepted theory and practice of rhetoric, it is also a confidence builder that will help any manager begin to overcome anxiety over public speaking. Dr. Gladis, the author of numerous works on writing and communication, presents the material in an informal and informative manner, providing how-to steps to make the process of presenting easy and effective.

Selected Contents Include

• The First Rule: Think before you speak

• The Second Rule: Analyse your speech commitment

• The Third Rule: Research Your Speech

• The Fourth Rule: Create an Outline

• The Fifth Rule: Pretest your Outline

• The Sixth Rule: Write out the Speech Draft

• The Seventh Rule: Make your Presentation

• The Eighth Rule: Be Prepared for Anything

• The Ninth Rule: Answer Questions from the Audience

• The Tenth Rule: Publicise your Speech

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