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Fink™ Bringing Diversity and Inclusion To Life

This new larger size pack contains 48 great questions to help people to talk about themselves and others and by doing so realise that each person is unique and a complete diversity package.

Fink™ Building High Performing Teams

Use this pack with team members, the whole team, stakeholders and customers to consistently raise your team's performance. This new range of conversation cards encourages people in organisations to have better quality conversations about the things that impact organisational performance.

Fink™ Building Productive Relationships at Work

Ideal for: Business Leaders, Operational Managers, Team Leaders, HR Business Partners, People Development Specialists, Leaders in Learning Situations - workshops, coaching, self-coaching

Fink™ Connect Now! World Class Business Networking

This new FINK title in the larger pack size helps you successfully and strategically build your network within your organisation and get onto the radars of important people!

Fink™ Delegate Now! Working With Others To Get Tasks Done

This just-in-time tool will enable you to delegate effectively to get tasks done more efficiently. Your finite resource of time means that you just can’t do it all. Well executed delegation enables you to get better return on your time, develops people who work with you and gets work done to a high standard!

Fink™ Engaging People in Service Improvement

Engage People in Impactful Conversations. Experience suggests that it is those directly involved in care who often have the best solutions. These conversation cards are designed to help you ask the right questions of yourself and others.