Presentation Skills Profile–Facilitator Guide


Category: Assessments
Code: 592G
Needed to administer the PSP. Includes Sample training design, theoretical background, overhead transparency Masters and activity handouts with case studies


The purpose of the Presentation Skills Profile (PSP) is to help presenters identify their strengths in preparing and delivering presentations and to make plans to improve their ability based on what they have learned.

PSP Target Audience

Any organisational member who is required to prepare and deliver presentations.

PSP Scoring Time

Allow 10 – 15 minutes.

PSP Interpretation and Discussion

Allow 60 – 90 minutes.

PSP Administration

The PSP can be self-administered and self-scored. Full directions are contained in the instrument. The PSP can be used as the centrepiece of a training workshop on presentation skills in which the PSP is administered following short practice presentations. With a presentation fresh in their minds, respondents are sensitised to their true mode of presentation preparation and delivery. As a consequence, respondents tend to be more candid and this provides a truer indication of ability.

As an alternative, the PSP may be used as a needs assessment tool during the design of training curricula. It is particularly useful for identifying those areas of skill and knowledge that should be targeted by proposed training. Should the instrument be used in this way, it may also be re-administered at the close of a programme, or shortly thereafter, to evaluate the impact of the training.

Finally, the PSP may be used at regular intervals by individuals who wish to measure their development. Used in this way, the instrument, and the feedback form, can help to maintain focus on the key areas of knowledge and skill that impact the effectiveness of presentations.

Order one Presentation Skills Profile–Facilitator Guide per facilitator

PSP-Facilitator Guide includes

• Administrative guidelines

• Sample training design

• Theoretical background

• The Presentation Skills Model

• Overhead transparency masters

• Reproducible masters (overhead transparency masters and activity handouts including case studies)

FORMAT Assessment
OBJECTIVE To improve presentation skills
AUDIENCE Anyone who gives presentations
TIME REQUIRED 1½ to 2 hours
AUTHOR Ian MacDonald