Political Intelligence Profile-User Guide


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For trainers and facilitators who are using the political intelligence™ profile (PIP)

Political Intelligence-User Guide

This 12 page guide is designed for trainers and facilitators who use the political intelligence™ profile (pip). It follows the same six stage process outlined in the pip and contains all the information you need to take an individual or a group through the process of developing higher levels of political intelligence™.

The diagnostic questionnaire is designed to measure the extent to which there is goal alignment with the organisation and an individual’s level of political intelligence. Raising the awareness of these two dimensions is not enough, what is needed is the commitment and motivation to take action. The six stage process has been designed to make this happen in a very pragmatic and engaging way.

The Six Stages are:

1. Appreciating the four ‘animal’ attributes in the political ‘animal’ model

2. Plotting your pip questionnaire results

3. Understanding your political intelligence™ profile

4. Considering your profile implications

5. Prioritising your key skill areas for development

6. Creating your political intelligence™ action plan.

Using the resources

The use of the questionnaire and the political intelligence profile provides a path from 'unconcious imcompetence' to 'concious competence'. In the hands of a skilled facilitator this path will raise a person's awareness, build skill and enhance political intelligence in a logical and sequential process.

Attribute nameAttribute value
FORMATSelf-scoring questionnaire and workbook
AUDIENCEAll organisation members
AUTHORDavid Bancroft-Turner, B.A. (Hons)., Dip.T.M. Don Morley, D.Phil., F.C.M.A., F.C.T. Wayne Thomas, M.A., M.Sc., M.B.A.

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