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Political Intelligence Profile (FREE PDF SAMPLE)


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The political intelligence profile is a 32 page, easy-to-use, self-scoring instrument that measures the respondent's current political preferences. The free pdf sample will enable you to assess the product more fully. Just add your selection to cart (as if shopping) and once registered on this website, go to 'MY ACCOUNT' section. There you will be able to access your Downloads.

Free Sample available

Discover your political preferences and develop skills to manage organisational politics more positively

The political intelligence profile (pip) is an easy-to-use self-scoring instrument that will provide insights into the respondent’s understanding and use of organisational power and politics. In today’s increasingly complex work environment, ‘traditional’ leadership skills are no longer sufficient to guarantee personal and organisational success.

Research indicates that successful 21st century Managers need to develop what has been described as ‘the missing leadership competency’ of political intelligence™.

Help your manager develop the skills needed to manoeuvre effectively around the political landscape using a set of best practice behaviours and techniques, aimed at delivering personal and organisational goals.

The political intelligence profile is a 32 page, easy to use, self scoring instrument that measures the respondent’s current political preferences. It contains a scoring and profile interpretation guide that can be used as a stand-alone instrument or as part of a wider leadership development programme.

It has been completely revised and updated and now includes the Development Choices Workbook which outlines a range of development options that include practical ideas on how to become more politically positive.

The pip provides a unique 6 stage process for developing higher levels of political intelligence™, specifically giving the user:

• A model to understand and identify the different types of political animals that exist in an organisation

• Clarity on how to manage the politics in the organisation more effectively

• An interpretation of the respondent’s current political profile and it’s implications

• A process to develop skills and behaviours that are critical in successfully managing

the politics in the organisation

• A set of tools and techniques that will make the workplace more politically positive

• A range of behaviours and skills that will improve personal and team performance

• An understanding on how to manage the different types of political animals that exist in all organisations.

FORMAT Self-scoring questionnaire and workbook
AUDIENCE All organisation members
AUTHOR David Bancroft-Turner, B.A. (Hons)., Dip.T.M. Don Morley, D.Phil., F.C.M.A., F.C.T. Wayne Thomas, M.A., M.Sc., M.B.A.