Performance Management Memory Jogger™


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A 186-page pocket guide for employee development.

Organisations realise that their most important asset in achieving success is their people. The Performance Management Memory Joggeris a pocket guide for attracting, developing, and retaining talented employees.

This guide provides supervisors, work groups, and human resource professionals with easy-to-use processes and forms for planning, appraising, and recognising performance. Learn how to effectively set measurable goals, build competencies, coach and mentor, conduct performance appraisals and recognise accomplishments.

Team Performance

Many aspects of organisational work are performed by teams. Whether they are intact work teams or special, single purpose teams, the real foundation for success is strong team members. These are people who can communicate effectively, are open to new ideas; can successfully confront and resolve conflicts. These are acquired skills and can be learned through training, coaching and role models.

Features include:

• Setting clear performance expectations

• Creating competency models

• Providing 360° feedback

• Coaching to build confidence and commitment

• Conducting constructive performance appraisals

• Resolving performance and attitude problems

• Providing meaningful recognition

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FORMATPocket book
AUTHORJames Rollo