Leading Change at Every Level Expanded Facilitator Set

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Helps individuals identify and develop the skills that will make them more effective at leading change, whether the change is one they have chosen to initiate or one they have been asked to implement.

The Leading Change at Every Level Expanded Facilitator Guide is divided into six sections and also includes support materials.

Section 1: Getting Started

This section provides basic information that you the facilitator need to administer Leading Change at Every Level (LCEL)

Section 2: Theoretical Background

Provides research-based information on the five dimensions of leading change.

Section 3: Workshop

This section provides a workshop outline, a preparation checklist, and step-by-step instruction on how to facilitate a 3-hour training session using LCEL.

Section 4: Facilitator Support

Focuses on additional information or materials for the facilitator. This section includes:

• Optional Activities,

• Alternative Training Designs,

• A blank Training Outline for customisation of the training session,

• Related Materials.

Section 5: Reproducible Masters

This section contains the reproducible masters for the overhead transparencies, the 'Leading Change When You're Not in Charge' case study master, 'The Change Leadership Journey' article, Observation Forms to use in conjunction with Optional Activity 1, the 'Participant Contract for Improvement' master, a Certificate of Achievement master, and a training evaluation, all of which are also available in electronic form.

Section 6 Participant Guide

For your convenience, a copy of the Leading Change at Every Level Participant Guide is provided with this Guide.

Also Includes

• Reproducible case study: 'Leading Change When You're Not in Charge'

• Reproducible article: The Change Leadership Journey

• Sample print self-assessment

• Sample online report

FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To identify change leadership behaviours
AUDIENCE Anyone involved in a change effort
AUTHOR HRDQ Research & Development Team