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INSIGHT Inventory - SELF

Valid behavioural style feedback for your leaders and teams
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Category: Assessments

Understanding Yourself and Others


In just 20 minutes participants can complete the INSIGHT Inventory and begin bridging communication gaps that are costing your company a fortune.

Key Benefits

• Irreconcilable differences suddenly seem understandable and productively bridged.

• Teach participants the ability to “flex” or adapt their style to the situation.

• Unlike DISC or MBTI, INSIGHT does not force a label or type designation on you.

• INSIGHT can facilitate virtually any training initiative by exposing root behavioural influences at the most basic level — in only 20 minutes!

Key Features

• Participants can complete and self score the questionnaire in just 20 minutes.

• Provides both work style and personal style profiles to highlight ones ability to flex their styles according to the environment.

• Skill building focuses on learning to adapt your own communication style to others with different styles.

• Comprehensive Trainers Guide details the instrument’s psychometric properties and provides extensive training application outlines for use in conflict management, stress management, customer service, and leadership.


INSIGHT Inventory has a fast paced approach in an uncomplicated format which can make it the centrepiece of a training programme or easy to integrate into an existing curriculum. Easy to use, participants will see results quickly. INSIGHT moves quickly from developing a profile to applying the learning. INSIGHT allows participants to develop a profile and apply what they have learned.

Consultants and trainers alike appreciate the INSIGHT Inventory’s ease of use and skill building designed to produce results — in a quality psychometric instrument.

INSIGHT can be used for:

• Team-building

• Conflict and stress management

• Leadership Training

• Interpersonal skills, sales and customer service

• Negotiation skills training.

Products specifications
Format Instrument
Objective To identify and understand personality styles and strengths
Audience All organisation members
Author Patrick Handley, Ph.D.
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