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Encouraging Innovation Through 5 Key Conversations Participant Booklet


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Managers can tap into their employees’ creative processes and encourage ownership of the innovation each step of the way

The challenge of encouraging innovation

The realities of the global marketplace, which include intense competition, new technologies, and increasing customer demands, require that traditional management methods change. Organisations of the future will be judged on the quality of their ideas and how quickly these ideas can be translated into viable products or services that sell in the marketplace. Because creative ideas are often unanticipated and come from unexpected sources, the best companies are looking for ways to create a culture that actively promotes these improvements and innovations. These environments typically will feel like a small company culture in which ideas come from everywhere and employees have extensive relationships with customers and suppliers in order to stay close to their needs. Companies will need to encourage 'boundarylessness,' breaking through organisational lines up, down, and across so that good ideas are invited and harvested regardless of where they originate.

Innovative managers and team leaders:

• Inspire Innovation

• Build Systems to Support Innovation

• Assess Opportunities

• Create Champions

• Launch the Innovation.

Innovative leaders are not necessarily technical experts or inherently creative. Rather, they have the skill to encourage innovation in others, creating informal and formal systems that invite, support, and reward innovation.

Managers can tap into their employees’ creative processes and encourage ownership of the innovation each step of the way.

Encouraging Innovation Through 5 Key Conversations may be used to:

• Establish a new approach to building innovation in an organisation

• Provide basic skills training in developing creativity and innovation in individuals and teams

• Complement existing leadership development techniques being used in an organisation.

The comprehensive 30-item Participant Booklet features detailed descriptions of the 5 key conversations, ideas for development, action steps, and conversation planners.

Learning Outcomes

Discover how to inspire innovation by eliciting and acknowledging diverse perspectives, learn how to build systems to support innovation, understand how to stimulate creative thinking, and learn how to coach employees to advocate new ideas.

Attribute nameAttribute value
OBJECTIVETo assess a manager or team leader’s current skill level in encouraging innovation in employees
AUDIENCEManagers and Team Leaders
TIME REQUIRED1 to 1½ hours
AUTHORJocelyn Kung and Marianne Minor