Effective Remote Worker–Profile and Workbook

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This 70 page Workbook explores the personal attributes needed to be effective as a remote worker. It contains a self-assessed Profile and personal development planning tools and templates.

Remote working, or as it is also called distance or mobile working, is very different from being office-based

Remote workers therefore need different approaches and ways of looking at situations in order to be effective.

The Remote Worker Profile & Workbook addresses the Personal Attributes that are very important for success as a remote worker. The attributes are behaviours, skills and attitudes that can all be learnt. So, wherever someone is starting from - with effort and the will, they can enhance their effectiveness.

This material is the result of extensive research including what helps and what hinders a person’s effectiveness when working remotely. The author, Richard Breger, surveyed remote workers, managers of remote workers, organisations who employ remote workers and professional organisations with an interest in workplace performance and flexible working practices. From this he developed and extensively tested his best practice model and approach.

The aims of the Profile & Workbook:

The overall aim is to develop remote workers who are effective, positive, motivated and on top of their game.

Specifically, participants will:

• Develop an understanding of the 7 Attributes needed to be effective as a remote worker

• Assess their current position in relation to each of the Attributes, as well as two additional key factors for success - Job Performance and Technology Competence

• Produce development and action plans to fill any gaps

• Have a vehicle for building a positive working relationship with their manager

The Workbook contains:

• Background to remote working and guidelines for using the workbook

Part A – The Effective Remote Worker Profile

• The self assessment tool

• Comprehensive information for understanding and interpreting the profile

• Development planning templates

• Practical tools and tips for developing the Attributes

Part B – The Core Factors

• Tools for self –auditing Job Performance and Technology Competence

• Guidelines and templates for writing clear and focused development and action plans

The Workbook can be used as a freestanding self-development resource, on a 1-to-1 basis or in a workshop setting (See Facilitator Guide). It is aimed at those who are about to or have recently started working remotely, and is also a great resource for up-skilling existing remote workers. The workshop can also be used with existing remote teams to build relationships and refocus and recharge their batteries.

• It is  practical and very straight forward

• there are clear step by step explanations on how to approach each stage.

FORMAT Workbook
OBJECTIVE To help individuals build their effectiveness for working remotely
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 15 minutes to complete and score the profile + time for thinking and planning
AUTHOR Richard A. Breger