Effective Remote Worker–Feedback Booklet

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Category: Assessments
Code: 5020FB
Contains a Profile for a manager, colleague or friend to complete on behalf of the person who is, or is about to start, working remotely

This booklet contains two assessments for the manager and/or friend to complete on behalf of the person working through the Workbook.

Part A, the Profile, focuses on the key Attributes for success as a remote worker.

Part B relates to their Job Performance and their Technology Competency – two key factors for success when working remotely.

A manager, colleague or friend will be in a very good position to complete Part A - the Attributes. In most cases, however, it will be the manager who can help with Part B.

The aims of the Feedback Booklet

• To provide a potentially invaluable source of feedback and information to the person working through the Workbook They will learn more about how they come across in situations that are very important for their effectiveness as a remote worker.

FORMAT Workbook
OBJECTIVE To help individuals build their effectiveness for working remotely
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 15 minutes to complete and score
AUTHOR Richard A. Breger